Saturday, July 18, 2009

Explanation of Waza in Video

Executive Budo employs techniques specifically designed to improve Mental Focus. In t
his segment, I demonstrate three Waza (exercises) that promote development of key Budo principles.

1) Waza:
Peripheral Focus Training

Peripheral training, as the name suggests tests your peripheral vision against an attack from the side. The defender stands calmly with arms at their side while the attacker takes a position to their left. The attacker jabs to the temple of the defender randomly and without warning. The defender must block and counter with a reverse hand punch in one movement.

Both the a
ttack and the defense are done with little force in order to shift the focus to response speed. The objective is to respond to the attack as quickly as possible. The challenge is not in the defense but in staying vigilant and not loosing your focus while waiting for the attack. We instruct attackers to take large pauses between attacks, sometimes as much as 30 seconds.

The Waza is staying focused and mentally alert, diverting the attack is secondary.

Fudoshin, having an immovable mind, means you do not allow your emotional state to waver. It means having the mental strength to overcome fear, surprise, confusion and doubt. No matter the situation, you are able to maintain a calm state of mind. Peripheral Training promotes development of Fudoshin.

2) Waza:
Corner Defense Training

The corner defense drill places the defender against a wall to provide a feeling of being trapped. That makes the exercise more challenging. The attacker takes a position directly in front and starts randomly punching the defender from all directions.
The defender must divert the attacks with as little movement and energy as possible. The attacks and blocks are done lightly so focus can be shifted to performing Mushin, no mind.

Mushin is the state of mind where Ki (intent) and action are one, free from discriminating thoughts or internal dialogue. It is the removal of the rationalizing process from the chain of events. Corner Defense works best when a state of Mushin is achieved.
The mind is as a glacial lake.

3) Waza:
Board Breaking

Besides the obvious demonstration appeal of breaking boards, the practice serves a specific Budo function. It affords a visual example of execution of proper technique. If the board is not hit correctly, it will not break.

Proper execution of board breaking technique includes the application of speed, power and accuracy, together known as Kime (Keymay), finishing the technique completely and decisively.

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