Sunday, June 7, 2009

Executive Budo - Training for the mind

Shin Ki Tai Ittoh

Mind, Spirit, Body

as One

Executive Budo is a unique program designed to demonstrate the value of Budo (martial arts) training and its relevance in business and professional life. The course combines the empty hand art of Karate with the ancient art of Iaido (drawing of the sword), practiced by Samurai. The goal is to teach participants martial concepts with modern day value such as Mushin (calm mind), Zanshin (presence, awareness)

Legendary Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi’s famous Book of Five Rings is still recommended reading in many business circles. Musashi writes never show your “spirit”. The benefits of maintaining mental composure and emotional control

are obvious in business as in life. The Executive Budo Program focuses on developing that particular attribute of Budo training.

Budo training is a powerfully dynamic way to develop mental focus & discipline, awareness of your surroundings, confidence and control of your emotional state. All these attributes are extremely beneficial in attaining one's goals.

The Executive Budo Program will:

  • Help you improve concentration & mental focus

  • Develop more self confidence

  • Enable you to visualize your goals more effectively

  • Help you learn to deal with stress better

  • Teach you better muscle control and body awareness

  • Help you learn to focus more in the now

  • Empower you to discover harmony of mind, spirit and body

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