Saturday, May 16, 2009

Learn Mental Focus - Achieve Through Your Inner Samurai

What is Executive Budo?

Budo means Martial Arts. The concept behind Executive Budo is to learn to improve mental focus, body awareness and emotional control through Martial techniques. These aspects of personal growth are particularly useful in business as well as every day life.

Why use a Sword?

The art of the Japanese Sword (Katana) has been practiced by Samurai for hundreds of years. In the last century it was transformed from a combat system (Jitstu) to one of internal growth and spiritual learning (Do - pronounced "Doe").

Martial training is a great way to improve mental focus because it puts one in harms way under controlled conditions. Doing so gives the student an opportunity to practice focus and emotional control while under duress. If you are able to do that then doing so under the rigors of every day life becomes far easier.

The sword adds a level of mental intensity unlike any other Martial Art, without as much of the physical intensity as other disciplines. Consequently it can be practiced more easily by those not in the physical shape required for striking or grappling arts or more rigorous sports.

Control of your emotional state is about not being negatively influenced by the vagaries of the moment, it's about responding instead of reacting to events.

Maintaining unwavering confidence and mental focus on your goals is widely acknowledged to be the best way of achieving them.

Shin Ki Tae Itto. Mind, Spirit & Body as One.

Live in the Moment.

Decision is the Ultimate Power!

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